Cold Weather. Ready?

It's getting cold out there. Is your car ready? Diamond Motors has put together a series of essential checks to help keep you and your car safe and moving this winter.

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What's it about?

Diamond Motors readiness checks...

So, it's that wonderful time of year again. It feels cold (all the time) and it appears dark (all the time) - winter is definitely on the way, if it's not here already! The reality is that many of us depend more on our cars at this time of year, hence it's vitally important to ensure that they are ready for the cold and wet weather months.

We run this offer every year over the months of October and November. But don't delay - it has proven to be very popular and we get booked up fast!

Our series of eight essential checks are specifically designed to help keep you moving this winter.

1. Tyres

They keep your vehicle connected to the road! We'll check your tyre tread depth to make sure you're safe and legal. We'll even make sure that they're correctly inflated so that your car drives economically and handles as it should.

2. Brakes

We'll check and measure your vehicle's brakes, ensuring they have plenty of life and that they can stop the car safely in all conditions.

3. Lighting

We've all seen the maniacs driving around with one light out in the dark (and have been quick to judge them!) Don't worry - we'll make sure you are seen and your lights work properly.

4. Suspension

Often overlooked, this is another essential component that helps keep your car on the road and under control. We will check to make sure your suspension is in tip-top condition and that your springs aren't broken.

5. Starting & Charge Systems

It may not be obvious but colder weather places a higher demand on the battery, starting and charging systems of your vehicle. We check the battery's health along with the alternator's ability to charge the battery efficiently.

6. Coolant & Anti-Freeze

Prepare for the coldest of temperatures. We'll check your engine's coolant and ensure that anti-freeze levels are sufficient to adequately protect during the winter.

7. Washers, Wipers & Screen Wash

We will check the condition of these items for you and even refill your screen wash if necessary. It's vitally important to maintain good visibility at this time of year.

8. Drainage

This one always causes havoc with vehicles at this time of year. We will inspect and clean your vehicle's drainage systems such that any blockages are removed and rain water will not be able to enter the cabin.

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Diamond Motors offer servicing and maintenance for all non-commercial Renault, Renaultsport, Dacia, Nissan, and Infiniti vehicles.